Why your organization should consider a no-obligation consultation for your Microsoft license issues

The world of work has become very competitive with different experts and organizations rendering various services and products to potential clients. In most cases, the service provider is a partner of the vendor and gets paid by the vendor. At the same time, they are trying to sell services to you while they get paid by the vendor for the work they do for you. 

Infact, the service provider is more focused on renumeration and has little consideration to whether the end client will be happy with service provided. There is no or little room for clients to make complaints and even if there is, you are likely not to get a refund. In some cases, you might get a refund but not the full amount in the name of “with-holding cost” for efforts made to provide you with that non-result-oriented service. The worst-case scenario is your organization investing heavily in a capital-intensive project only to have your challenges not adequately solved. Zero return on investment!  

In case you identify with any of the above scenarios, there are various alternatives to consider helping you improve and increase operational efficiency. When it comes to the Microsoft eco-system, there are licenses required for the use of their products after purchasing. You will need an expert insight to guide you to make the right purchasing decisions although you can proceed to make the purchases all by yourself.   

When you decide to have a particular issue in your organization solved and in this case a licensing gap, you will need to know(identify) and understand what the problem is and the right fit to adopt or purchase. At the stage of identifying and further making other checks before you finally purchase, you can consider the services of a no-obligation consultation or expert. Where there is money involved, we will recommend high priority be placed on value.  

A no-obligation consultation has far reaching benefits. There are several advantages, however, keep reading, and we will share a few with you.   

Gain fresh insights or perspective. 

Your organization is caught up in the day-to-day operations and it can be difficult to see potential areas for improvement or identify blind spots for example in your quest to engage Microsoft in a license renewal, you may take advantage of. A no-obligation consultation will allow a fresh set of eyes and expertise to analyze your organization’s licenses usage, systems that may need add-on purchase or not, and what procedures can be adopted to track adequate license usage. An external perspective can bring new ideas and strategies that may have been overlooked by your organization’s internal IT team whiles preparing for either the renewal, fresh licenses purchase, or agreement optimization. In the instance where our team of Microsoft licensing and cloud experts are your consultants, you are assured of independent unbiased support with feedback that is objective.  

Identify problem areas. 

During a no-obligation consultation, an independent Microsoft licensing expert will conduct a thorough analysis of your organization to identify any problem areas that may be hindering your license adequate use or success. With a Q-Advise no-obligation consultation, all tools that will identify inefficiencies in processes, adequate usage or otherwise of licenses to how to save your organization substantial amount of money is engaged. Even at the no-obligation consultation stage, we pinpoint issues that may go unnoticed and guide you with proactive steps to take to address them and improve their overall performance.  

Receive expert recommendations. 

An independent expert conducting a no-obligation consultation on your organization’s Microsoft licenses will share a wide range of expertise with different scenarios making it easy to take decisions. As an independent expert working in different capacities on behalf of various organizations, leading to different experiences, the expert gathers valuable insights and recommendations that are helpful. When the expert gives recommendations, they are tailored to the specific needs and goals of your organization in terms of solving licensing issues rather than generalized advice or strategies.   

Evaluate the potential services provided by Microsoft. 

A no-obligation consultation can also be a way for your organization to evaluate potential solutions provided by Microsoft. With the help of an independent expert, you can weigh if the solutions offered for your license needs is the best fit without the initial financial commitment. Also, you get a feel of how professional, and what various strategies are deployed by the no-obligation consultant in helping solve your Microsoft licensing issues.   

A no-obligation consultation will afford your organization the opportunity to discuss the services, prices, and other relevant information.   

Working with our team of Microsoft cloud and licensing experts allows you to explore various pricing models. You will get to know how pre-owned or used Microsoft licenses can help you save on costs substantially.  

Through this independent evaluation with a no-obligation consultant you also can perform a mock presentation in the case of a negotiation to discover how strong or weak your proposal points are. You get to evaluate what will be Microsoft’s acceptance or point of denial with what negotiation prepositions you make. This gets you well prepared, knowing what you want and what deal you can or cannot accept.  

However, based on what offerings Microsoft sales team present to your organization, you can proceed to any negotiation with Microsoft. But do you want to take Microsoft sales team word for what it is? You should get an independent expert evaluation to make the best decision.  

Utilize resources wisely. 

No-obligation consultations are often provided at no cost, making them a valuable resource for your organization on a budget. Instead of spending money on costly services or solutions that may not be effective or get you the best fit for your Microsoft licensing issues, you can utilize these consultations instead. This will help you gather information and make informed decisions on how to go about your Microsoft licenses purchase.   

Expand knowledge and expertise. 

You can take advantage of a no-obligation consultation to gain more insights into current happenings in the Microsoft ecosystem. It is getting free exposure to what you will have otherwise paid heavily for, to equip you with how to solve your licensing issues. In some instances, the paid for consultations get you not too satisfactory solutions. Some organizations are worst off monetary.   

An independent Microsoft expert or consultant worth their salt is always updated on what is the latest in the licensing world and will be able to align these updates to solve your challenges. The cloud and Artificial Intelligence as at the time of this write-up is the latest crazy for Microsoft, with various incentives in place to get Microsoft customers on.   

But does this mean your organization should also get into the cloud? What checks have been done to know if the cloud solutions are what you need now? How well does your expert understand cloud operations and are they aware of all the hidden costs associated with cloud usage? What about product or service offer bundling and which combination is the best fit that will save you substantially on your spending?  

All these questions and others need deep diving into, to understand your organization’s Microsoft licensing position before you decide on the products and services to settle for.  

Q-Advise Microsoft cloud and licensing no-obligation consultation. 

Our team of experts are available to share with you years of experience leading to you getting the right fit for your Microsoft licensing issues. As a result of working with various organizations in various industries we are equipped with a vast scenario that will work in your case.  

We are deeply vested in the Microsoft ecosystem and know when there is an update and how it meets our clients needs. From purchasing of licenses, renewal of agreements, audit preparation to financial savings on budget, we know how to guide and support organizations.  

Spending money initially to scout for the right licensing fit should not be a worry for your organization in the quest to get solutions to your licensing needs. Just reach out to the team let’s hear out your licensing issues. With experience and teamwork, we will offer great insights and solutions at no initial cost.   

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