Why pay attention to Microsoft Support in an Enterprise Agreement? 

When entering into a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA), take notice of how Microsoft offers various bundled services and how you can take advantage of them. One of these services is Support. 

In this write-up, we will explain how Support works in a Microsoft EA, including what it offers, how it works, and the cost (extra) involved if any.  

Support in Microsoft EA and what offerings it entails 

Support in Microsoft EA refers to technical support, software updates, security upgrades, and critical flaw patches. These components are essential for ensuring your software gets updated regularly and continuously optimized to run efficiently without any bugs that could put your business and activities at risk. Microsoft has a contact channel available to assist on any issues with your Microsoft software, or you simply need technical assistance from their technical support engineers.  

The different Support tiers and duration 

The term and duration of Support in Microsoft EA vary depending on the type of service package purchased. Enterprise Agreement customers can select from different levels of support tiers, ranging from basic support up to dedicated support (Microsoft Unified Support) which respond to time and for critical issues. The term of Support lasts for the duration of your EA, which is usually three years. Renewal contracts are available to extend your agreement and continue receiving Support.  

Microsoft Unified Support offering for customers 

Microsoft Unified Support is a comprehensive support program offered by Microsoft to provide assistance and resources for enterprise-level customers or organizations that use Microsoft products and services. There is quick assistance in relation to IT infrastructure, resolving technical issues with Microsoft technologies. 

Microsoft Unified Support makes available experts to help clients with proactive monitoring and reporting, technical account management and training. With this program, enterprises gain a single point of contact for all Microsoft-related issues, enabling them to streamline their support processes and improve their overall IT performance. 

Microsoft Unified Support allows organizations to choose from a range of customizable support packages to meet their specific needs and budget requirements. These packages can include on-site support, remote assistance, and access to Microsoft’s extensive knowledge base and online resources. 

How to subscribe for Support   

To be eligible for Support, you must have an active Microsoft EA and have opted for it during the licensing agreement. Enterprise Agreements typically come with different levels of support, and this depends on the package you have selected. However, customers can upgrade their support tiers at any time to get priority technical assistance, quick resolution times, and other technical support services.  

There are three support tiers available for Support. These tiers are: 

  • Premier Support: Provides personalized and proactive support for organizations with complex IT environments and critical business needs. Premier Support includes services like problem resolution, technical guidance, proactive monitoring, and account management. 
  • Professional Support: This is for organizations with moderately complex IT environments and business needs. 
  • Essential Support: Provides essential break-fix support during business hours. This tier is designed for organizations with relatively simple IT environments and limited support requirements. 

Does Support in Microsoft EA come with added cost?

Support is not an added cost in a Microsoft EA; it is included in the cost of your licensing agreement. Therefore, it is important to understand that this inclusive package will bring value to your agreement. Your agreement comes with technical support, software updates, security patches, and other critical upgrades whenever any issues arise. The cost is already bundled into your agreement in case you encounter any challenges using the products or services.  

Support inclusive with the latest features and security enhancements 

Support in Microsoft EA contract comes with the latest features and essential security enhancements that are automatically applied to your systems to keep improving your overall experience. You’ll appreciate that these updates enhance productivity, security, and reliability of your business operations as you use Microsoft products to accomplish your business objectives.  

Exploring other forms of support 

This will mean seeking third-party assistance on Microsoft-related products and services. Getting an independent expert’s support will help you navigate the complex Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and that is where you will understand what level of support facilities are available to you. 

Speaking to our software licensing experts will help you see the various ways to optimize your license, reduce costs, and identify potential areas for improvement. With our years of in-depth knowledge and experience in Microsoft licensing, you are assured of valuable insights, strategic guidance, and tailored recommendations to suit your organization’s unique needs.  

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