Which version of Windows 10 is best suited for me?

Various versions and editions of Windows have been released over the years. Microsoft releases a newer version of their popular operating system every so often. Each version of Windows has multiple editions, some of which may differ in functionality. It is also the first time that Microsoft has a new way of updating with Windows 10: previously, if you wanted to upgrade, you had to buy a new CD of the latest edition of Windows. Nowadays this is no longer necessary, because you can now upgrade directly to Windows 10 from an older version of Microsoft, such as Windows 7 or 8 for example. Because Windows 10 has different forms of license and has multiple editions, it is good to know which edition you purchase and in what quantities, so that you don’t waste your money on features you don’t use. Are you curious which version of Windows 10 best suits your needs? We will answer your question below. 

Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise 

Both Windows versions have many users worldwide. The Professional and Enterprise versions are especially popular in the business world. It is therefore important to know what the functionalities of both packages are and what the licensing conditions are. First we discuss the functionalities: 

Windows 10 Pro: 

  • 2TB RAM Support 
  • 2 Processor Support 
  • Group Policy Management 
  • Defender Credentials Guard 
  • Defender Device Guard 
  • Active Directory Domain Join 
  • Azure Active Directory Domain Join 
  • BitLocker Device Encryption 
  • Windows Update for Business 
  • TrustedBoot 
  • Remote Desktop Client & Host 
  • Switch Languages ​​on the fly 

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations: 

For this version of Windows 10, the above functionalities are included, including the following functionalities: 

  • 6TB RAM Support 
  • 4 Processor Support 
  • SMB Direct 
  • Non-Volatile Memory 
  • ReFS Volume 

Windows 10 Enterprise 

This version of Windows 10 includes all the functionalities of both Windows 10 Pro packages, including Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). 

Windows 10 license 

Windows 10 is offered under different licensing metrics. To make a good decision about which version to purchase, it is also important to know how many licenses need to be purchased. A license must be purchased per device, per user. 

It is also important to know that contracts can be purchased outside the Volume License . This falls under the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) model. The functionalities per version of Windows 10 are the same, only the contract forms differ. Within a Microsoft Cloud Agreement, there are no Software Assurance benefits, restrictions apply in terms of downgrading rights and re-imaging rights. 

Buy Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise cheaply 

It is important that you know which version of Windows 10 best suits your wishes and requirements, so that you can immediately purchase the right edition. We at Q-Advise understand that purchasing the right edition can be difficult, especially when multiple editions are available, the choice is more difficult to make. Fortunately, at Q-Advise we are ready to help you. 

We are happy to provide you with independent advice in the field of purchasing Microsoft licenses and used software & license management. In addition to new licenses, you can also use second-hand Office licenses. These work the same as new licenses, only the price is cheaper! You can easily save 50% on the software package you purchase. 

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Curious how much you can save on Microsoft Windows 10 licenses? Do you want to buy used Windows 10? Or would you like to know more about Windows 10 in an Enterprise Agreement, MPSA, CSP or Open License? 

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