What you need to know about buying Microsoft Visio & Power BI Platform

What is Microsoft Visio? 

Microsoft Visio is an application for creating diagrams, charts, and visuals. It is part of Microsoft’s Office suite and offers an intuitive interface that allows users to quickly design professional-looking visuals with ease. Microsoft Visio is used to represent complex information in a variety of shapes and sizes, from simple process flows to complex organizational charts. It features tools for creating basic flowcharts and diagrams, as well as for modelling the processes that make up an organization’s activities.  

What is Microsoft Power BI Platform?   

Microsoft Power BI Platform is a comprehensive business intelligence and analytics solution that helps organizations to easily access, explore, visualize and share insights from data. It is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, enabling businesses to quickly get started without any infrastructure setup and immediately create interactive dashboards and reports. Power BI empowers users with analysis capabilities such as drill-down analysis, trend analysis, pattern recognition, predictive analysis and forecasts. It also includes features such as natural language search to allow users to query data using everyday language rather than complex queries. Additionally, it offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that simplifies the process of creating visuals from raw data.   

How to buy Microsoft Visio & Microsoft Power BI Platform 

To purchase Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Power BI Platform, you must have a valid Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscription. Both programs are included as part of the suite of applications available with such subscriptions. The subscription can be done in a CSP, but also in an Enterprise Agreement, MPSA and Open Value License. In addition, we can assist you buy Microsoft Visio with a second-hand license. 

There are 3 options to purchase Microsoft Visio separately: 

  • Visio Standard (On-Premises) 
  • Visio Professional (On-Premises)
  • Visio online is purchased on a subscription basis. Visio Standard & Professional, on the other hand, are purchased once.

To further purchase either program as an individual product or add it as part of your existing Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscription you can visit the Microsoft page.  

How much does Microsoft Visio & Microsoft Power BI Platform cost? 

Microsoft Visio has several pricing plans depending on the version you are using. The pricing plan is for businesses of all sizes. On the basic level plan, businesses have the option to purchase a one-time license or to pay a monthly fee. Businesses also have the option to purchase an annual subscription which provides access to additional features and services. The annual subscription also has discount offers available for bulk purchases.   

Microsoft Power BI Platform on the other hand offers a variety of pricing plans to fit the different needs of businesses. The pricing plans are divided into tiers.   

  • Pro Pricing Plan: The Pro plan starts at user per month when billed annually or user per month when billed monthly and includes all features from the free plan plus additional ones such as advanced sharing capabilities, enhanced collaboration options, data protection, custom and visuals.  
  • Premium Pricing Plan: This plan starts at capacity unit/month (billed annually) or capacity unit/month (billed monthly). It builds on the Pro plan by offering enterprise-grade scalability, automated data refreshes, incremental refresh capabilities and AI-powered insights as well as an SLA of 99% uptime availability guarantee for customers running large deployments in mission critical scenarios. 

The prices of Microsoft Visio and Power BI also depend on the contract type you are buying your product in. When purchasing Visio in an Enterprise Agreement or MPSA you can get cheaper prices then in a NCE or Open Value. This is because you buy more volume in MPSA and in Enterprise Agreement. But the price you pay today can be different tomorrow as Microsoft always changes their prices in their interest.  

Do Microsoft Visio & Microsoft Power BI Platform offer free trial versions? 

Yes, Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Power BI Platform both offer free trial versions. Microsoft Visio offers a 30-day free trial of Office 365 ProPlus which includes the latest version of Microsoft Visio. This trial gives users access to cloud storage, collaboration tools, and all the features available in Visio.  

Microsoft Power BI also provides a 30-day free trial of its platform. The free version supports limited visualizations, dashboards, natural language query, automated machine learning. With these trials users can get a firsthand look at how both platforms operate before deciding whether or not to purchase them.  

What are the available versions of Microsoft Visio & Microsoft Power BI Platform? 

Microsoft Visio is available in several versions, including Visio 2016, Visio 2013, and Visio 2010. The 2016 version includes features such as enhanced themes and effects, improved support for data-linked diagrams, collaboration features like comment bubbles, helpful statistics about diagram usage over time and advanced analytics capabilities for visualizing data.  

Microsoft Power BI Platform on the other hand offers a range of products that can be used to visualize and analyze data. The offerings include:  

  • Power BI Desktop which provides a desktop application for creating visualizations.  
  • Power BI Pro which is a cloud-based subscription service.  
  •  Power BI Premium which is a more comprehensive enterprise-level solution.
  • The free Power BI mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices.  

Each product comes with its own set of features and tools designed to help users create impactful insights from their data.  

What are the factors to consider for the purchase of Microsoft Visio & Microsoft Power BI Platform? 

When considering the purchase of Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Power BI Platform, some key factors to consider are scalability, compatibility, user experience, analytics capabilities, data governance and security.   

  • Scalability is important as it will determine how well the platform can expand with your business.   
  • Compatibility will form part of the considerations as you may need to ensure that the platform integrates with existing systems and applications within your organization.  
  • User experience is also important as it will determine how easy it is for users to interact with the platform and derive value from the data.  
  • Analytics capabilities are paramount when evaluating a platform, as they will provide insight into trends and patterns in your data that can help inform decision-making.   
  • Data governance is essential for ensuring consistent quality across all departments of an organization, while security should be a top priority when selecting a platform to ensure confidential information remains safe from malicious actors or cyber threats. 

Buying second-hand licenses and what you stand to gain. 

Would you like to use either Microsoft Visio or Microsoft Power BI? Are costs and your budget serving as hindrances compared to the needs you want met? Well, there is the option to purchase second-hand licenses which will equally deliver the expected results and save you extra cash. Yes! Extra money to cater for other operational expenses. 

By buying used Visio and Power BI licenses you pay less. This allows you to save up to 70% on licensing costs. 

Our Microsoft license specialists are happy to advise you about your Microsoft needs and licenses. Even if you want to buy used licenses for other Microsoft products, we are just a phone call away. Thanks to our years of experience in the world of Microsoft licenses and expansive purchases and sales of second-hand licenses for our customers, we can offer the best advice and find the best prices for you! 

Because we are independent, we provide honest and transparent advice that will benefit your organization the best!

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