What you need to know about buying Microsoft Visio & Power BI Platform

The past few months have been all about COVID-19 for many organizations. The global pandemic has forced organizations to make radical business changes and adapt their working methods to the new ”normal” of working from home. Many business processes have changed drastically due to these changes. Microsoft Visio is a tool that can help deliver and create value for companies   in this new situation. 

What is Microsoft Visio? 

Microsoft Visio is a program developed by Microsoft that is used for creating and designing diagrams. Some examples of this are Brainstorming diagrams, Flow-Chart diagrams but also floor plans.   

In Microsoft Visio you have the option to ‘draw’, this is not possible in Word or Excel. This makes it possible to develop ideas or shapes in Visio as you would do by hand. 

What is Microsoft Power BI? 

Just like Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Power BI can visually map business information. While Visio is often used for diagrams, Power BI is used to   visualize important data (Business Intelligence) for management, for example. This helps to gain a better insight into the current state of the company, allowing better management decisions to be made.  

What added value can Visio & Power BI deliver? 

With Microsoft Visio it is possible to visually map business processes through diagrams. In addition, Microsoft Visio makes it possible to work with multiple users at the same time, at different locations, on mapping these business processes.  

This can be important especially at this time. Many business processes, as mentioned earlier, have changed drastically. To create clarity for the organization, it can be useful to make these changed processes visual.  

Working with Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Visio can make critical real-time business data visual and accessible, helping to make better decisions.  

How do I buy Microsoft Visio and Power BI? 

Both Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Power BI are available as part of a Microsoft 365 license.  This can be done in a CSP, but also in an Enterprise Agreement, MPSA, Open Value or an Open License.  In addition, Microsoft Visio is also available as a second-hand license.    

Microsoft Visio: 

There are 3 options for purchasing Microsoft Visio separately: 

  1. Visio Online 
  2. Visio Standard (On- premise) 
  3. Visio Professional (On- premise)  

Visio online is purchased on a subscription basis. Visio Standard & Professional, on the other hand, are purchased once.  

Microsoft Power BI: 

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft Power BI is available as part of Office 365. In addition, Power BI is also available as Software as a Service (SaaS). 

Buy second-hand Visio licenses 

Would you like to purchase Microsoft Visio licenses? Then it is very interesting to consider second-hand licenses. By purchasing used Visio licenses, you pay less for the exact same licenses! This allows you to save up to 70% on licensing costs.  

Our Microsoft licensing specialists are happy to advise you about your Microsoft needs and licenses. Also if you want to buy used Visio licenses. Thanks to our years of experience in the wonderful world of Microsoft licenses and the purchase and sale of second-hand licenses, we can offer the best advice and the best price!   

Because we are independent, we provide honest and transparent advice that best benefits your organization!  

Would you also like to save on (used) Microsoft Visio & Power BI licenses or other Microsoft Licenses? 

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