What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

With Software as a Service (SaaS), users can  access  various software  via the Internet that they can then use in the Cloud. This means that customers do not have to purchase the licenses themselves, but have monthly rights  to  use  the software based on a contract or subscription service. 

How does SaaS work? 

As mentioned earlier, with SaaS you do not have to purchase your own software licenses. This obviously means that you do not have to install and/or maintain the software. The software is hosted via the Cloud, which means that you can get started right away as soon as the agreement has been completed. There are  various  SaaS services, of which Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle  are the largest. With SaaS you pay according to use, often in the form of  pay - per - use  or via a subscription form. With SaaS you can choose the functionalities you think you need and the  SaaS provider  delivers these products to you and manages them remotely.  

What are the benefits of SaaS? 

SaaS can have several benefits for companies. Below we discuss the most important ones with you:

  • Low entry costs and infrastructure:  Because you do not purchase the software yourself, this means that the entry costs are relatively low compared to purchasing your own software licenses. Afterwards, the software infrastructure  is maintained by the software producer itself.
  • Flexibility:  Because you can use the software from any device with an internet connection, you are extremely flexible in using the software. This means that people who work from home or are often on the road can always access the software. This can increase productivity.
  • Quickly implemented:  Because the software is hosted in the Cloud, the set-up is easy to implement.
  • Automatic updates and improvements:  Because the software is hosted in the Cloud, the software producer can automatically perform updates and/or improvements in the software. This means your software is always up to date!
  • Security:  Just like the updates, security is carried out by the software producer. This can also ensure that your data is protected with the latest forms of security.  

Who is SaaS intended for? 

Software as a Service (SaaS) is now used by many institutions and companies. A good example of a product  delivered on a SaaS basis is Office 365 , which is used by both large and small companies.  SaaS can be ideal for starters because they do not have to make any investments in advance , and for growth? Then you simply purchase more subscriptions. This also works the other way, for example, if you temporarily have less staff, you will purchase fewer subscriptions. 

Advice on choosing a SaaS provider and SaaS products 

With all the providers of different products on the market, we at Q- Advise understand better than anyone that it can be difficult to make a choice between the different SaaS providers and SaaS products. We at Q-Advise are happy to support and advise you in this . With our years of experience in the software and licensing world, we can work with you to develop the right course for your organization. Together we ensure that we make the best choices for your organization. And due to our independent position, this is done completely transparently and non- biased!

Would you also like advice about SaaS? Do not hesitate to contact the licensing experts at Q-Advise without any obligation.  

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