What is Microsoft Visio?

Microsoft Visio is an application from Microsoft. It was released in 1992 and was last updated in 2019. Visio is mainly used within companies to create diagrams, such as a Flow Diagram, a Business Process Model, and countless other diagramming options. Microsoft Visio contains a wide range of symbols, shapes and lines to create clear diagrams. Are you curious about what Visio is and what it can do for you? We are happy to answer your question. 

Different possibilities 

Microsoft Visio allows you to visually represent your ideas, processes or actions at a glance. Imagine a situation where you want to look at a process with your team and review it. You would like to see exactly what the steps in your process are, so that you can identify any bottlenecks and areas for improvement. Microsoft Visio allows you to create a diagram where you can use Visio’s components to display it as clearly as possible. 

Lots of options 

Creating diagrams within Microsoft Visio is very extensive. You can create simple, but also more complex diagrams. Everything depends on what your wishes and requirements are. The list of diagrams you can create is virtually endless, as you can choose from hundreds of templates, timelines, flowcharts, and maps. 

Convenience of Visio 

Because Visio has a familiar ‘Office-like’ look, it’s quite easy to navigate the graphical interface. Because Visio is part of Microsoft Office, you can easily convert your diagrams to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SharePoint. This way you can easily share your diagram with your team, present it and adjust it as necessary. 

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