What is Microsoft SharePoint (on-premise)?

The Microsoft SharePoint server (on- premise ) is the counterpart of the  online version  of Microsoft SharePoint. The Microsoft Share  Point Server is run  and deployed on your own organization’s servers. Due to the many news reports about Office  365 / SharePoint Online, you would almost forget that there are still many companies that use on- premise  SharePoint servers. Microsoft also knows this and  a year ago  introduced the new SharePoint server 2019.  On- premise  in this case means that the Microsoft SharePoint application   is  installed on  servers that are maintained  by the user himself . Servers can be used in different  terms , namely a physical server  but also  virtual servers in Microsoft  Azure.  

What is Microsoft SharePoint? 

Microsoft SharePoint is an environment where files and knowledge are stored, shared and where users can collaborate on these files. In addition, it is a platform on which users communicate with each other and exchange news. SharePoint can help organizations increase the efficiency of business processes and thus productivity.   

Advantages of Microsoft SharePoint Server over SharePoint Online 

The biggest difference between Microsoft SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online is that with on- premise, the responsibility for management, updates and security lies entirely with the owner. On- premise has the advantage that you, as the owner, have influence on the design and maintenance of the servers. In addition, you can choose whether the updates are performed now or at a later time. This can be an advantage because certain features that may be used cannot simply be adjusted or removed.   

For whom? 

Microsoft SharePoint Server is in principle intended for everyone. The advantage of SharePoint server is that certain business-sensitive information can simply be placed on SharePoint because it is an internal network and not cloud storage. This makes it interesting not only for business customers but also for government institutions and hospitals, for example.  

Which Microsoft SharePoint Server versions are there? 

There are currently 4 different versions of Microsoft SharePoint server:  

  1. SharePoint Server 2019
  2. SharePoint Server 2016 
  3. SharePoint Server 2013  
  4. SharePoint Server 2010 

How do I buy Microsoft SharePoint Server licenses and what does it cost? 

There are different contract types possible when it comes to Microsoft products. A number of options for the business customer are:  

  • Enterprise (Subscription) Agreement 
  • MPSA 
  • Open (Subscription) Value 
  • Open License 
  • CSP  

It is important to choose a contract form that best suits the size and needs of your organization. You can also decide whether you prefer to rent or buy licenses.  

In addition to needing a license for each active copy of SharePoint Server, you also need a Client Access License ( CAL ) for each device. There are two options: The Standard CAL with the basic options or the Enterprise CAL with extra functionalities. 

The costs of SharePoint licenses depend on which version you use and how many users there are. If you choose Share Point without Software Assurance on- premise licenses, you can save a lot with second-hand licenses.   

Save with cheap second-hand Microsoft SharePoint Server licenses 

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