What are the differences between RDS User Cal and Device CAL?

A CAL license is a Client Access License and is used in combination with Microsoft Windows Software Volume Licenses to provide access to Microsoft software. The Windows Server CAL is available per user, per device or for external users. Within the Microsoft Windows Server there are three types of CALs: User CAL, RDS User CAL and RDS Device CALs. Are you curious about the differences between RDS User Cal and Device CAL? The differences between RDS User Cal and Device CAL? 

The differences between RDS User Cal and Device CAL: 

What is a Microsoft User CAL? 

With a user CAL, one user can access the Server software on an unlimited number of devices. As soon as a user wants to access this server via his laptop, computer or smartphone, this user needs a license. 

RDS stands for Remote Desktop Services and this CAL is required to give users or devices access to the RDS functionalities within the Windows Server. The license is primarily intended for administrators or employees who need remote access to the server. For example, consider your employees who want to work both at home and at the office. 

What are RDS Device CALs? 

This Volume License from Microsoft is device specific. RDS Device CAL means you pay for each device that accesses the services. If you want to use the license on one device, this can work well to your advantage. The number of users who will use the device is unimportant for the licenses to be purchased. 

Which CAL is right for your company? 

The type of CAL that is suitable for your company depends on several factors. This decision depends on the number of employees in your company and how the different CALs will be used. Do your employees use Windows programs at work on their own computers? Then it is best to opt for a Device CAL license. If your employees work with different devices and also occasionally work from home, it is best to opt for a User CAL. 

With Remote Desktop Services (RDS), your employees can work anywhere and from any device as long as they have access to the internet. A Windows Server CAL is almost always required to access the Windows Server. 

The licenses that you can buy from a Microsoft reseller are often high in price because they think they know what you need in your company. If it turns out that you do not have enough licenses or that more workplaces are being added, you can opt to purchase second-hand CAL licenses. When purchasing used CALs you can save up to 70% on your software budget. The experts at Q Advise provide 100% independent licensing advice that is focused on the wishes and needs within your organization. 

What are the costs of User CAL, RDS User CAL and RDS Device CALs? 

The prices of the different CALs depend on how you purchase the licenses. The new price for Windows Server 2019 User CAL averages approximately €34.00 per user. For the Windows Server 2019 RDS CALs you pay approximately € 136.92 per license. 

The above prices are an indication of what you could pay for new CAL licenses. Would you like to know exactly what the costs are for the different CALs used in your situation? 

When do I purchase Windows Server 2019 RDS CALs? 

  • User CALs are most practical when your employees each work from multiple devices. (Laptop, PC, Phone or tablet). 
  • Device CALs are most practical when different employees work from the same device. 
  • RDS Device CALs are most practical when very large numbers of remote users need to log in to a Windows Server RD Host. (License per server). 

How do I purchase Microsoft CAL licenses? 

It is your choice to opt for new or second-hand CAL licenses. If you decide to purchase new CAL licenses from Microsoft resellers, you may have to pay a high amount for the chosen licenses. You can also choose to take advantage of second-hand or used CAL licenses. By purchasing second-hand CAL licenses, you can save considerably on expenses within your organization. The experts at Q Advise are happy to think along with you about your individual CAL combination. 

Want to buy Windows Server 2019 CALs or RDS CAL licenses? User CAL, RDS User CAL or RDS Device CALs? Buy used RDS CALs? 100% independent advice at Q Advise!

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