What are the differences between Microsoft SharePoint 2019 and 2016 licenses?

This blog discusses what exactly Microsoft SharePoint is and what the differences are between Microsoft SharePoint 2019 and 2016. 

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration platform that allows users to share data and content, communicate and collaborate. Share Point is similar to the collaboration platform Google Drive, but offers many more options.   

What is Micros o ft Share Point?

In addition to the aforementioned points, Microsoft Share Point has many other useful features such as shared file storage and a web content management system. SharePoint offers the possibility to place and manage all your company content in a central place (from marketing material to financial matters), to create websites and company intranets to keep all users informed of the latest state of affairs. In addition, SharePoint supports your company with the automation of many business processes.

The most important features 

There are many reasons for using Microsoft SharePoint. Below are some important features of Microsoft SharePoint. 

  1. Centralize and collaborate. With Microsoft  SharePoint you now have the opportunity to put all knowledge within a company in a secure central location that is easy for everyone to find. In addition, it is now possible to edit documents in the browser, share them and make adjustments to other people’s documents. This prevents all the annoyance surrounding sharing documents via email.  
  1. Automation. The easy-to-use document system makes it easy to automate document processes. For example, you can set expiration dates for documents. You can also set documents to be moved after a certain period or after permission. You can also easily automate many other processes, such as creating reports. Automating documents can save a lot of time compared to performing these processes manually!  

Key features of Microsoft SharePoint 2016 

  1. Preview media files 

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 made it possible to preview media files such as images and videos just by scrolling over them with your mouse. This allows you to see the content without actually clicking on it.    

  1. Support large files

The versions prior to Microsoft SharePoint 2016 did not support large files (up to around 2 GB). With the arrival of Microsoft SharePoint 2016, file size support was extended to 10 GB.   

  1. Enhanced Privacy 

While developing Microsoft SharePoint 2016, Microsoft decided to focus largely on improving privacy. The reason for this was that hacking is a major problem for organizations today, especially if these companies or institutions have sensitive information.  

With SharePoint 2016 supporting Transport Layer Security, encryption connections have been significantly improved, resulting in improved privacy and data encryption.  

Most important improvements in Microsoft SharePoint 2019 compared to 2016 

The new update also comes with new features. Below we have highlighted the most important differences between Microsoft SharePoint 2019 and 2016 for you. 

  1. Business process support has been improved

As discussed earlier, one of the major advantages of SharePoint is the centralization and sharing of files and knowledge. With Microsoft SharePoint 2019, Microsoft has added process automations and technologies such as Power Apps and Flow to connect to any on- premise data.     

  1. New SharePoint home page 

The home page is of course the first thing a user sees when starting SharePoint. That is why it is important that the homepage is intuitive and clear.  This way, users can easily find and open files and then spend valuable time on work that really matters!  

  1. Lists and libraries 

In Microsoft SharePoint 2019, Microsoft modernized the preview of lists and libraries on team sites. This also means that all list libraries are optimized for the most common tasks. This makes it easier for users to copy and/or move files via the command bar, insert files as links, filter, and adjust column formatting.  

  1. Improved search experience

In Microsoft SharePoint 2019 it is easier to search for files. In a new feature, users will now see search results appear before they start typing, and the results will update as they type. This provides a more intuitive search experience with a higher chance of finding what you’re looking for! 

How do I buy Microsoft SharePoint?  

In general, Microsoft products such as Microsoft Share Point can be purchased in all contract forms. This can be done in an Enterprise (Subscription) Agreement, MPSA, Open (subscription) Value, but also in CSP. The contract form you choose depends on the size of your organization and the wishes and needs of the organizations.  Do you want to rent the licenses? Or do you ever want to buy the licenses?  

We at Q-Advise can advise you on purchasing SharePoint licenses. Together we look at the wishes and needs of the organization and then decide which contract form best suits your organization. This ensures that you do not unnecessarily spend a lot of money on unnecessary licenses. 

Buy cheaper Microsoft SharePoint licenses  

You may wonder which version suits your organization best. Our Microsoft licensing specialists are happy to advise you about your Microsoft needs and licenses. Also if you want to buy used Share Point server licenses.      

Secondhand Share Point server licenses work the same as new ones. The biggest difference is that the price can differ by up to 70%. Cheap Share Point server licenses used are very interesting for business users, regardless of the size of the organization.   

Because we are an independent party, we can provide you with transparent advice. This prevents you from spending a lot of money unnecessarily on expensive new licenses or on licenses that you do not need. 

Thanks to our years of experience with Microsoft contracts and second-hand licenses, we can help you save a lot of money on Microsoft licenses!   

Would you like to know more about Microsoft SharePoint licenses? Do not hesitate to contact Q-Advise’s licensing experts & contract negotiators without any obligation. 

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