What are the components of Microsoft RDS?

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services is a remote desktop software, from Microsoft, that allows a user to log in to a remote computer or a virtual machine. For example, as a user you can log in to a ‘virtual’ desktop, which gives you access to your documents and applications that you use for work anywhere and anytime. This is of course very useful when you want to be able to work anywhere. 

Of course, you should know that in order to use Microsoft RDS, you need a network connection and the correct license. To know which license(s) you need, you must first know what the different parts of Microsoft RDS are. Are you curious about what the components of Microsoft RDS are? We will explain this to you. 

Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) 

The RDSH ensures that the virtual desktop and Windows applications are accessible by hosting a so-called ‘session’ each time. This ensures that multiple users can access desktops and applications simultaneously. 

Remote Desktop Connection Broker (RD Connection Broker) 

This component of Microsoft RDS is a role service component of Microsoft RDS. It handles the incoming desktop connection requests and forwards them to the requested desktop and applications. Every time you try to log in to your remote desktop, the Connection Broker processes your request. It is the ‘man in the middle’ component of RDS. 

Remote Desktop Gateway 

The Remote Desktop Gateway ensures that a connection can be made between an external network and your company’s internal server. This means that if you want to log in to your remote desktop from outside, the RD Gateway will take care of it for you. 

Remote Desktop Web Access (RD Web Access) 

Allows users to connect to RemoteApp and Desktop Connection. 

Remote Desktop Licensing 

This part comes with an application called Remote Desktop Licensing Manager. This application allows you to check how many licenses have access to the RDS Host Server. 


This is an application that ensures that all applications are presented to the user in one window. Instead of logging in to a desktop, log in to the RemoteApp and you will see all the applications you have rights to. 

Now that you have a good idea of ​​what Microsoft RDS originated from, it is good to know how you can purchase Microsoft RDS. You can purchase Microsoft RDS on a per-device or per-user basis. Our experience shows that this can be more challenging in practice than theory prescribes. 

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