What are the benefits of Microsoft RDS?

Microsoft RDS has a number of benefits for your company. Besides the fact that you keep up with the latest technology, you also stimulate ‘The New Way of Working’. This is another word for simply: working from home. Especially in modern times, it is useful that everyone within your company can work anywhere, whether within your company walls or outside them. With Microsoft RDS you can log in to your Windows desktop from anywhere in the world. Are you curious about even more benefits of Microsoft RDS? We are happy to answer your question! Below we will tell you some of the benefits: 

Advantage 1: You can work anywhere (flexibly). 

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft RDS allows you to log into your work environment from anywhere in the world. This can be useful when you or an employee of yours wants to work from home for a day, or when you or an employee of yours is on a business trip. Then you or your employee can safely log in to the RDS environment and have access to all applications and files that he or she needs to work. This opens the doors to working from home, or the Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) principle. All you need is an active internet connection and access to Microsoft RDS with the appropriate license and rights. 

Benefit 2: Security 

Because you log into your server environment remotely, there is nothing left on your device other than your operating system, any antivirus software and a client to connect to your remote desktop. This means that you have little to no important data left on your local hard drive. For example, if your laptop is lost or stolen, you don’t have to worry about important data being stolen or lost. 

Benefit 3: Updates 

Instead of having to manually update each device, this is no longer the case within the RDS environment. All you need to do is update only one version on the server, which will also update all devices listed in the user list of the RDS environment. This also applies when you need to maintain your system or application, or when you want to install a new application. You can manage all this from your Remote Desktop settings. This saves your IT department a lot of time and work! 

Buy Remote Desktop Services cheaply 

At Q-Advise we are happy to help you purchase Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. Did you know that you can purchase Microsoft RDS cheaper by opting for second-hand licenses? These work the same as new licenses, only the price is cheaper! You can easily save 50% on the software package you purchase. 

Curious about how much you can save on Microsoft RDS? Do you want to buy used Microsoft RDS, or do you want to know more about Microsoft RDS? Contact us!

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