Microsoft Visio 2019: A look at the Professional and Standard versions

Microsoft Visio is a data visualization and diagramming software created by Microsoft, that can be used to create custom diagrams such as a Flow Diagram, a Business Process Model, and countless other diagramming possibilities. Within Microsoft Visio there is a wide range of symbols, shapes and lines to make clear diagrams. In this article, we will talk all about Microsoft Visio 2019 with our focus on the Professional and Standard versions.  

With Microsoft Visio you can visualize your ideas, processes or actions at a glance. Imagine a situation in which you want to look at a process with your team and review it. You would like to see exactly what the steps in your process are, in order to identify any bottlenecks and points for improvement. With Microsoft Visio you can create a diagram, in which you can use the components of Visio to represent this as clearly as possible. 

What does Microsoft Visio 2019 Offer? 

Microsoft Visio 2019 offers a user-friendly platform to create diagrams, flowcharts, maps and process diagrams. Its wide range of professional design tools and shapes make it easy to create visuals for representation of data.  

It includes modern templates and shapes, current industry standards for diagramming, the ability to collaborate with others in real time, and improved connectivity to Microsoft Office 365 services.  

With Visio 2019, users can add intelligence to their drawings by linking them to external sources such as databases or SharePoint lists. Visio 2019 contains a variety of advanced features including custom themes and styles, the ability to add web links and 3D effects.  

Visio also features productivity features such as AutoSave & recovery which saves work automatically every few minutes in case of a power outage or system crash. This helps protect your work from any unfortunate occurrences. 

The Standard version is ideal for basic diagramming needs with features such as: Basic shapes, Connectors, Text Editing, and integration with Office 365.   

The Professional version comes with all the features in the Standard version with advanced features such as: Advanced Networking Diagrams, Database Modeling Tools, Cross-Functional Flowcharts, and integration with SharePoint. 

These two versions of Microsoft Visio 2019 come with a library made up of a large number of symbols and characters which provides features and user options that are almost endless.  

What are the differences between Microsoft Visio 2019 Professional vs. Microsoft Visio 2019 Standard   

The main difference between these two versions is the additional features that are included in the Professional version which cannot be seen in the Standard version. 

The Professional version includes advanced diagramming tools, data-driven diagrams, enhanced collaboration with teammates and stakeholders, a vast selection of pre-made templates and symbols, improved integration with other Office apps such as Excel and PowerPoint, plus automatic drawing alignment features.  

It also comes with Azure Diagrams support, enabling you to create cloud-based diagrams directly from within Visio. Additionally, it has an advanced search feature which allows you to quickly find symbols and other items. 

Microsoft Visio 2019 Standard comes with basic features which help create diagrams, shapes, connectors, and text boxes. You can also model complex architectures like IT systems, org charts, process flows and business workflows in an easy-to-understand way. With the built-in collaboration tools, it’s simple to share your work with colleagues so they can work on it together.  

When we compare both versions with each other, we see that there are similarities however differences in features and functions of both versions. Below you will find a table that shows the Microsoft Visio versions. 


What are the available subscription plans for Microsoft Visio 2019? 

Microsoft Visio 2019 offers several subscription plans for teams and businesses of all sizes. It offers three subscription plans: Professional, Standard, and Visio Online Plan 1.  

    • The Professional plan provides access to the full suite of Visio features, including the ability to create professional diagrams and graphics, connect data and share insights securely across teams and organizations. It also grants access to an extensive selection of online templates and shapes, as well as real-time collaboration tools. 

    • The Standard plan provides a subset of the Professional plan’s features. It allows users to create diagrams using basic shapes and templates but does not provide access to more advanced tools like data linking or real-time collaboration.  

    • Visio Online Plan 1 is ideal for organizations or individuals who only need basic diagramming capabilities without any additional features. It allows users to create simple drawings from any browser or device connected to the Internet. 

How Much do I pay for a Microsoft Visio 2019? 

The cost of Microsoft Visio 2019 varies depending on which edition you purchase — Standard or Professional — as well as from which reseller. Prices also vary based on whether you are purchasing the software outright or if you are subscribing to an annual subscription plan through Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus or Microsoft Office 365 Business plans (which include other Office applications). 

Is there a free download option for Microsoft Visio 2019? 

Yes, Microsoft Visio 2019 is available as a free download. The free version of Microsoft Visio 2019 provides diagramming capabilities and is designed for users who need to create diagrams and visual representation. It supports flowcharts, org charts, maps and floor plans. 

What do I do to Activate your Microsoft Visio 2019 Product Key?   

Once you have purchased your copy of Microsoft Visio 2019 Professional or Standard from a reseller, you will receive a product key that needs to be activated in order to use the software. To activate your product key, enter it into the “Product Key” field when prompted during installation then follow the instructions provided until activation is complete.    

Do you need to purchase a license to use Microsoft Visio 2019? 

Yes, you will need to purchase a license. The license allows you to install and use the software on a single computer, or multiple devices that are used by one person. 

Additionally, there are subscription options available that give users access to the full suite of features and updates within Microsoft Visio 2019. This includes ongoing technical support and access to new features as they become available.  

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