Microsoft SharePoint, your business and all you need to know

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration and document management platform that enables businesses or teams to securely access, share, and manage content from any location, on any device.  

The SharePoint Server can be used as an intranet system. This means that it is a private information platform within an organization. SharePoint fulfills this role through the possibility of electronically sharing information within the organization.  

In this article, we’ll look at Microsoft SharePoint and explore the many features and benefits it has to offer. 

What are the SharePoint applications? 

Microsoft has two SharePoint applications; SharePoint Online as a subscription or web-based and SharePoint On-Premises mounted at a particular location/place.   

  • SharePoint Online. This is a cloud-based collaboration platform from Microsoft. It enables businesses and organizations to store, manage, access, and share business information and documents in a secure environment. SharePoint Online provides users with the same features as on-premises versions of SharePoint, such as web parts, collaboration sites, document libraries, forms libraries, list applications and workflow. With SharePoint Online, users can access their content from any device with an internet connection. 

Additionally, all data is stored securely on Microsoft’s cloud servers and is regularly backed up. For enhanced security, users can set up multi-factor authentication for additional protection against unauthorized access. 

  • SharePoint On-Premises. This is a Microsoft platform that provides an enterprise content management system. It allows organizations to manage and store digital assets, documents, and content in a secure environment. 

The On-Premises version of SharePoint offers a greater degree of control over the environment than the cloud version by allowing for more customization options and greater security for data stored On-Premises. This makes it ideal for organizations looking for increased control over their business processes and data. Additionally, SharePoint On-Premises includes support for mobile devices and other technologies such as Office 365 integration and analytics services. 

What can I do with Microsoft SharePoint? 

Microsoft SharePoint can assist teams to collaborate, share information and manage content in a secure environment. With Microsoft SharePoint, you can create sites where you can store, organize, and access files from any device with an internet connection.  

You can also use SharePoint to develop custom solutions such as intranets and extranets to enhance communication and collaboration between your employees.  

Microsoft SharePoint has features such as document libraries and lists which allow users to store data in an organized way, making it easy to find what they need quickly. You can also customize the look and feel of your site with web parts such as pages, blogs, wikis, surveys and more.  

You are also able to integrate with other applications like Office 365 to provide dynamic access to documents across devices for easier collaboration between teams. Microsoft SharePoint provides additional security by enabling administrators to restrict access to specific documents or sites. 

What Apps are Available in Microsoft SharePoint?   

There are several apps available within the platform including but not limited to Outlook Web Access (OWA), Excel Services, Word Services, InfoPath Forms Services, OneNote Web App, Access Services, Project Server, Power BI, Visio Online Services, Yammer, Stream Video Service, Teams Social Networking Service, Sway Interactive Presentation Tool, Delve Analytics App.  

All these apps have their own unique set of capabilities which makes them ideal solutions depending upon your needs.    

How Can I Purchase Microsoft SharePoint? 

Microsoft offers several pricing plans ranging from basic packages up to enterprise-level solutions designed specifically for larger companies with multiple users needing access to advanced features like workflow automation or custom webpages.  

Our experienced Q-Advise consultants with you, can have a discussion on what best option will equip and support your business depending on the specific needs you want to meet. 

Through this meeting, we can analyze your entire IT estate to understand what communication and other support needs are required, and advise you, before you proceed to make a purchasing decision. But be rest assured, saving on your budget will be top priority in all discussions. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Microsoft SharePoint?   

The pros include ease of setup & configuration; user friendly interface; ability to store & share large files without size limitations; high security standards & encryption protocols; integration with other Office 365 products & services like Outlook & Teams; cost-effective licensing options available suited to different budgets; mobile compatible; customizable features; scalability & flexibility. 

On the downside though there are some configuration issues due to complexity of the platform; potential compatibility issues between different versions and difficulty in customization has been raised. 

Is there a Free Download for Microsoft SharePoint?  

No – there is no free download available as this is a paid product only – however, you may be able to get discounted rates if you buy in bulk or and if you task us to lead your purchase efforts for your organization.  

Do I Need a License to Use Microsoft SharePoint?  

Yes – every user must have their own license to be able to access the full range of features available through the platform. Licensing fees vary depending on which plan you choose but there is a per-user per-month option. 

User CALs and Device CALs are both used in Microsoft SharePoint as licenses to allow organizations to manage their users’ access. User CALs are licenses that are assigned to each user that needs access to the system, while Device CALs are licenses assigned to each device, such as a laptop or desktop computer, that can access the server. By requiring both types of licenses, it ensures that only authorized users have access and allows organizations to control costs by only purchasing licenses based on actual needs. 

The Q-Advise team is specialized in independent licensing advice and is available to provide further clarity and use with the SharePoint to meet your business needs. You can be assured we will offer you an unbiased, transparent and honest advice.  

Together with you, we will look at the needs of your organization in order to make a decision that best suits you. We can prevent you from spending too much money on your SharePoint use and licenses.  

Want to know more about Microsoft SharePoint licenses? Would you like to discuss and understand how it can boost work productive in your organization? We would love to assist and answer all your teething questions. Contact us now!

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