Microsoft Dynamics 365 offerings available with new pricing starting October 2024

Dynamics 365 by Microsoft has arguably contributed significantly to how organizations operate. Using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) processes, there is a seamlessly integration of applications across various business domains, including marketing, sales, customer and field service, finance, operations, and supply chain management. This connectivity enhances process efficiency and effectiveness. 

According to Microsoft, after more than five years of Microsoft Dynamics 365 hitting the market, starting October 1, 2024, will see new price hikes for the Dynamics 365 suite of products.  

Which of the Dynamics 365 suite of products will have price increase? 

The price changes will affect both cloud-based and on-premises. However, pricing for cloud offerings such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, will stay the same. Below are the Dynamics 365 products and their new prices effective October 1, 2024. 

Will all customers be affected by the price changes? 

Starting October 1, 2024, price increases will be implemented worldwide for both new and renewing customers, with product pricing adjusted equivalently in various currencies. In adherence to local laws, US government list prices for these products will see a 10% increase on October 1, 2024. This will be followed by a subsequent, smaller increase on October 1, 2025, to align government pricing with the commercial rates mentioned. 

Should your organization still consider using Dynamics 365? 

This will not be a straightforward answer but one that will require a look at your peculiar needs. We will not recommend decisions taken based on either price increment or reductions but rather how your needs can be adequately resolved as an organization. Inviting our team of independent and unbiased cloud and on-premises experts will afford you the opportunity… 

  • To do a thorough review of what the current needs are. 
  • To plan what your future projections are. 
  • To look at your current Dynamics 365 licenses (what is your licensing position). 
  • To explore what the savings opportunities are, looking at your situation. 

What are the services offered by Dynamics 365? 

You can be sure the announced expected increase in price will likely come with new features as the months progress. Artificial Intelligence (A.I) enabled or supported products will be seen in the offerings as it is the new crazy for all Microsoft products hitting the market. Dynamics 365 has offered organizations real-time insights through innovations for marketers, sellers, and service agents. Its offerings have also optimized operational efficiency and critical processes with actionable data insights, improving supply chain transparency, and comprehensive automation of financial procedures. The latest add on to what Dynamics 365 can do is experienced in Microsoft Copilot in Dynamics 365. 

What are the savings options even in the face of Dynamics 365 offerings price increase? 

The opportunities to save on your licensing spend are varied and available in your organization yet may not be known to you. The savings options may not necessarily be directly linked with Dynamics 365 usage but may be hidden away in other on-premises or cloud related products or services. How do we know this? Well, years of experience has directed our team of experts to various untapped savings opportunities not known to organizations. The know-how is very important in this instance. 

Our team of experts will do a thorough sweep of your entire IT estate to discover what can be used or can point to savings options to supplement the budget for purchasing Dynamics 365 offerings in this case. Also cloud products and services have resources that need to be monitored to ensure they are operating at their maximum capacity and all this we can expertly support you with to save money. 

There are cloud tools and pre-owned software licenses that will deliver the same results as new ones we can share with you. These pre-owned or used licenses can augment spending in other areas and empower you to save on license purchases. Even planning how your next renewal will be like is a way of preparing to save. 

Savings in the software licensing ecosystem no matter how small can lead to substantial return on investment. Send the team an email, [email protected] and we will support or guide your desire to optimize your agreement, monitor cloud and on-premises resources, negotiate agreement and most importantly save on your license purchases. 

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