Latest insights into 6 important Microsoft licensing updates for January 2024

Microsoft licensing updates for January 2024 are not that many compared to subsequent months. One will say what a dry month for Microsoft licensing update. There is a level of excitement generated when there are significant changes to licensing. For example, Microsoft 365 Co-pilot fully taken off in 2023 or changes to Microsoft SQL Server licensing in October 2022. Let’s share with you a few updates as seen January 2024. 

Microsoft usually drops changes on their, and there you can find a page called ‘Summary of Changes’. 

For January 2024, what you will notice is most of the changes are to terms of GitHub, Microsoft Defender, Purview and Microsoft Azure. 

1. Privacy and security terms updates 

The latest update on the EU Data Boundary Services terms reflects expanded scope of commitment. The EU Data Boundary term as updated now means and captures any Microsoft computing systems or environments or physical Data Centers located solely in the European Union and the European Free Trade Association. The updated section not only outlines the applicable Online Services but also outlines scenarios where the use of EU Data Boundary Services may lead to restricted transfers of Customer Data or Personal Data beyond the EU Data Boundary. 

2. Microsoft Purview update 

Microsoft has added the privacy and security terms of Microsoft purview to the core online services section or table. This update of the Purview replaces security and compliance offerings as was noted by the previous name in Microsoft 365 compliance services and Azure core services circles.  

3. Microsoft Defender 

The update for Microsoft Defender introduced Microsoft Defender for Identity Frontline, along with criteria for license assignment and additional terms. Licenses for Defender for Identity and Entra ID Frontline Worker are reserved for users meeting specific conditions such as: 

– Utilizes a primary work device with a single screen smaller than 10.9”. 

– Shares the primary work device with other qualified Defender for Identity or Entra ID Frontline Worker licensed users, in an active or across shifts. 

– Other Frontline Worker users who are Licensed should also assign the device as their primary work device. 

– Any software or services accessed on the shared device requires a license for the device or users. 

Also updated the Availability Tables with Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Frontline, Defender for Endpoint Frontline, and Defender for Cloud Apps Frontline, including license assignment criteria and additional terms. 

4. Updated GitHub Product Terms 

Updated GitHub Product Terms have been adjusted to correspond with Generative AI updates. Revisions have been made to the EA/EAS and MCA Availability tables to portray the new license availability accurately. Notably, GitHub has introduced certain offerings available to MCA customers for the first time. Excitingly, some MCA GitHub offerings, such as GitHub Actions, Advanced Security, and GitHub Packages, need a license as pre-requisite for GitHub Enterprise User SL, which is currently not available to MCA.  

 5. Universal Terms for Online Services Update 

Enhancements have been made to the language in the Revised Competitive Benchmarking and the Microsoft Generative AI Services Customer Copyright Commitment for improved clarity. The scope of language for competitive benchmarking by Microsoft now encompasses both products and services. Customers must furnish Microsoft with all necessary information for benchmark replication. Failure to comply will result in customer’s inability to use the online service. As for Microsoft’s Generative AI Services Customer Copyright Commitment, Microsoft is obligated to shield customers from third-party intellectual property claims related to the output content of a covered product. This protection is dependent on meeting specific conditions outlined in the universal terms. 

6. Microsoft Azure 

Azure Information Protection Premium Plan 1 references have been removed as part of the update. Starting April 2024, it transitions from a chargeable license product but will continue to function as an inclusive component. AIP Premium P1, historically is part of Enterprise Mobility & Security Suite and M365 plans, as well as a standalone paid-for SKU, serves as a data file classification tool for protective labeling. Its integration into Office file capabilities has grown, leading to the decision to no longer treat it as a standalone chargeable license. 

Talk to our team of licensing experts on any of the updates as discussed to discover how it may impact your current operations. You need to prepare for future changes which could impact not only operations, but your finances and planning ahead is a sure way to overcome impacts. 

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