Adopting Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC Standard for MAC use; know the system requirements

As an IT personnel or a company dealing with IT related issues, you may have come across the term “LTSC” in your research, reading or engagement when it comes to Microsoft Office 2021. But what does LTSC stand for, and why may it be important to your organization?   

In this article, we will share with you the meaning behind LTSC, its differences from Office 2021, its purchase and cost, system requirements, and support duration. Hopefully, when you are done reading, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision on Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC Standard for MAC.   

What Does LTSC Stand For?   

LTSC stands for “Long-Term Servicing Channel”. This is a specialized version of Microsoft Office that is designed for large businesses and organizations with mission-critical systems. Unlike the standard Office 2021, which receives regular updates every six months, LTSC is intended to be more stable and predictable, with its features and functionality remaining constant for a longer period of time. LTSC is for businesses that need maximum stability and a less frequent change in function. We all understand that price is a key factor when you are purchasing your Microsoft product. But savings start with optimizing your contracts and licenses. The Q-Advise team can help you with your license optimization.    

What is Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC Standard for MAC?   

Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC Standard for MAC is the latest long-term servicing version of Microsoft office suite, specifically designed for MAC users. This version of Office includes a range of applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. It’s important to note that the LTSC is more stable than the standard Office 2021.   

What Is the Difference Between Office 2021 and LTSC 2021?   

The main difference between the standard Office 2021 and LTSC 2021 is the servicing model. Office 2021 receives regular feature updates, whereas LTSC 2021 only receives security updates and bug fixes. Additionally, the standard Office 2021 is licensed on a subscription basis, while LTSC 2021 is licensed as a perpetual license. This means that once you purchase LTSC 2021, you own it permanently and don’t need to renew your license every year.   

How Do I Purchase Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC Standard for MAC?   

To purchase Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC Standard for MAC, you’ll need to contact a Microsoft Sales representative or your preferred Microsoft reseller.   

The experts at Q-Advise can assist you in this direction also to get the most favorable deal based on your budget. Not only will we assist you with the purchase but we will also engage you first to understand what needs you are hoping to meet, what your current and future IT roadmap is. We will then advise you based on facts after all the boxes aimed at saving on cost have been ticked. The cost will vary depending on the following:   

  • Your business needs   
  • The number of licenses required   
  • Any additional software or support you may need.  

How Much Does Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC Standard for MAC Cost?    

The cost of Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC Standard for MAC varies depending on your business needs. However, LTSC is generally more expensive than the standard Office 2021 due to its licensing model and reduced feature updates. It’s important to weigh the cost against the potential benefits of increased stability and reduced organizational disruption.   

Again, the cost of Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC Standard for MAC varies depending on the particular subscription type and payment plans. There is a pricing range for a single license and a bulk discount is available for businesses and the multiple devices or users to be licensed. 

What are the System Requirements for Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC Standard for MAC?  

The system requirements for Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC Standard for MAC are generally similar to those for the Standard Office 2021. However, LTSC may require additional resources due to its more stable nature. Generally, you’ll need a compatible version of MAC OS and enough storage and memory to run the software smoothly.   

How Long is LTSC Supported?   

One of the key benefits of LTSC is its extended support period. Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC Standard for MAC is supported for a period of five years, with an optional five-year extension available. This means that once you invest in LTSC, you will have the support and security updates you need for a long time more.   

Do you need Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC Standard for MAC in your organization?    

This will not be a yes or no answer. There is the need to have a 360 conversation on what you currently use and do need as an organization first. There is the need to know what is currently in use, whether they will soon be outdated, what the software use road map of your organization is and how financially secure you are to embark on the necessary changes.   

Whatever decision you make should very well meet the needs of your organization and make all stakeholders highly productive and stable. Q-Advise has a team of experts that will do a deep dive assessment of what you need going forward and assist you to make the right purchase with saving cost high on their priority list.   

Reach out to us and let’s start the savings conversation and show you how our experts have successfully carried out similar activities over the years.   

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