Stop overpaying for Software licensing, and don’t let it confuse you

We are Q-Advise, your independent global licensing and cloud advisory firm.
Our team helps IT departments, IT buyers and CFO’s unlock hidden savings and take back control with unbiased licensing and cloud advice.

Why work with Q-Advise?

Q-Advise is 100% independent, does not sell software and is not allied to any vendor, reseller or an industry analyst firm.

We recognize that many customers are increasingly struggling with Microsoft licensing rules and their ever-increasing licensing costs. This is exactly our specialism: clarifying licensing rules and demonstrating cost savings with our optimalisations, AI tools and creative negotiation tactics.

Our team, with an average of almost 20 years of experience in licensing and cloud services, is genuinely motivated to really help you.

In addition to the complex licensing rules, software vendors and resellers often focus on revenue and fees from audits and the sales of highly priced software as well as cloud services that, in many cases, you don’t need.

That is why we are on a mission! We want to save companies billions by helping them gain control and implement cost-saving actions with our knowledge, tools and processes.

Get expert advice directly from Microsoft professionals, 100% independent and in your interest

Discover the ultimate strategy to beat the vendor with your own data and our expertise!

Stop overpaying for software licensing, and don’t let it confuse you!

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Unlock the complexity of Microsoft licensing

Microsoft licensing can be frustrating (if not overwhelming). Many customers are struggling with it. With the wide range of on-premises and Cloud solutions and the yearly price increase, customers are struggling to keep up with the frequent changes.

That’s why having an independent advisor is crucial during your Microsoft project. An independent advisor who doesn’t get paid by Microsoft but simply boosts your understanding of Microsoft’s licensing. An advisor that enhances your negotiation power during contract renewals or audits.

An advisor who achieves great results in Microsoft negotiations and optimizes in your interests. Don’t let Microsoft and its partners surprise you! Take control with our expertise and our AI tools during a Microsoft contract negotiation, annual reporting, Cloud optimization, or audit. Stay one step ahead with the unbiased approach of Q-Advise.

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In summary

Who are we?
Q-Advise, an independent global licensing advisory firm with a mission.

How do we help?
We’re here to help you understand your licensing data and solve your challenges around contract negotiations, software audits and software asset management.
“Overcome your software challenges with ease!”

When to contact us? 

  • The day you want visibility on your software costs;
  • The day you remember you have to renew your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement;
  • The day your CSP / NCE contract is about to expire;
  • The day you are thinking of moving to the Cloud;
  • The day you want to maximize your value for software investments;
  • The day you doubt about software offer from Microsoft or your LSP;
  • The day you receive an audit letter;
  • The day you must deal with Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, IBM or SAP footer

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